heavy heads.

sometimes I keep things inside my brain for so long, it feels like the thoughts are literally weighing down my neck, like my head is filled with bricks.

I can’t focus or concentrate, I’m edgy and touchy, I feel tired when I shouldn’t, and out of sync with myself. I can’t figure out what it is – something I ate, time of month, something someone said, too much on my plate??

nope. None of the above.

it’s ME. holding things in, and not even realizing it.

as soon as I say what’s on my mind to someone that I trust – whether it’s a minor problem, or a huge conundrum – I feel instantly better, like the bricks fell out of my ears and landed on the ground, in a heap of red dust. I can think clearly again, and once again, life makes sense!

and life should absolutely make sense 😉

Something tells me it’s not just me. So my challenge this week, if this hits home for any of you, is to say what’s on your mind as quickly as you can, to someone you trust to care, and move on with new thoughts. Whether or not you clear things up, or find the answer right away, you will simply feel better, and you will be able to fill that brain space with new, more exciting thoughts – and, most likely, solutions. (!)


and speaking of heavy heads…


3 responses to “heavy heads.

  1. I just realized I keep only getting an e-mail on every second post! I tried to re-subscribe but didn’t make a difference. Could you check your settings?

    And also of course, as always, great reminder 🙂 Thank you Laura ❤

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