your relationship with the Universe.

is perfect.

if you are single, you should strive to find someone who lives up to it. If you are involved, you should have a sit-down with your significant other and make a list of qualities that you have in your relationship with the Universe, and come up with strategies to match or exceed these.

kidding! kindofnotreally. Because! with the Universe:

You get what you give. You never get less or more than what you add.

Whatever you put your focus on, and your hard work into, it rewards you with exactly what you need.

It is your mirror – if you work towards positive things, positive things show up. Same goes with the negative.

It let’s you do what you want, but doesn’t allow you to get away with anything.

It loves you. A lot. And gives you things when you deserve them.

And especially:

You can’t cheat the Universe, and the Universe can’t cheat you!


I have this written on a piece of paper hung prominently on my front door to remind me, as I leave each morning, that every little choice I make – every word I say, every thing I buy, every meal I eat, every habit, every moment I get – will lead me either to what I want, or what I don’t want.

all the “oh, this won’t matter”, or “just this time”, or “it’s really no big deal”s don’t cheat anyone but the person who is most heavily invested in how my life turns out:


so I can make all the excuses and  justifications I want, but the truth remains:

You can’t cheat the Universe!

On the flip side, every time I go the extra mile, take one more step, work that little bit harder, do 10% more than yesterday – even if the results aren’t right there in front of me in that moment, I know that they will show up – oh, they will show up! – because:

The Universe can’t cheat you 🙂

so! Go forward into this beautiful day with the knowledge that you are involved in a perfectly balanced, mutually beneficial, equal, loving, caring, exclusive relationship with something that just wants you to succeed, and will hold you accountable when you work below your potential. You can’t find that on




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