one element of a great movie is a great main character. and no matter how flawed he is, how many bad decisions she makes, how misinformed they can be – we have to root for them.

we have to want them to succeed.

At the beginning of the movie they are struggling, doing things they regret, making poor choices…but then, for a whole host of reasons, we see them start to change. They make better choices! They say no when they usually would have said yes! They decide to take a different path! Maybe everyone in their life hasn’t caught on yet, but we the audience sure has – we see them in their quiet moments, working harder than the competition; fighting through their demons; standing up to people that they used to cower to…we cheer them on as they get their life together and move toward what they really want.

Now think about this: if you were the main character in the movie of your life (which we all are :)), at this point in your story, would you root for you?

Are you doing the work? Are you making the changes? Are you waking up in the morning determined to make this day better than yesterday?

Or are you in fantasy about what you deserve?

We all deserve the world. Just like a flawed, loveable main character in our favorite movie – even at the beginning, when he is making missteps, we still love him and know he will turn it around. But we would most likely feel strange about the movie if he started to get what he wanted without any turning around…


What part of your movie are you in? And where do you want to be? Good questions for a Friday night, right?

By the way, I love you all. You are all perfect main characters in my movie. 🙂


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