what it will make of you.

every Sunday, I set my weekly goals for the 7 days ahead.

There are ten of them – they consist of one small step towards each of my big ten goals for the year. I write out the days of the week and, as they go by, write down which of the weekly-ten I did on each day.

sometimes I get to them all, and it feels great. Sometimes I get to half of them, and I make sure to keep track of what I did do that week that was valuable. Some weeks the goals are so lofty that I laugh at the page every day – however! I still push myself to get to as much as I can…even on a “bad” week, I still do much more towards my goals than if I didn’t have this system.

Jim Rohn’s mentor, Earl Shoaff, said to Jim: “Set the goal to become a millionaire for what it will make of you to achieve it.”

I love this.

Essentially, the work put in towards achieving big goals can be more valuable than the outcome of the goal itself: your work ethic, habits, daily disciplines, etc, must be in great alignment to get you somewhere big – and the person you will have become is worth it, even if you don’t get that big goal!

But you will. I promise, if you have diligence like that of a millionaire, you will achieve everything you want 🙂

Sunday!! today is my Peets coffee/weekly goal-setting day. What do you do to celebrate your week?



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