anything is possible.

absolutely anything. you want it, you got it.

But you have to work for it 🙂

there will be struggles and curveballs, setbacks, tragedies, adjustments, and something might take much longer than you planned – but if you hang in there, and adjust your sails as the winds change, that thing that once seemed impossible will suddenly become a reality.

Small but significant, topical story:

in Oct 2012, I told BFF that I wanted to start a blog simply to get out my feelings on life and how wonderful it is. I wanted to give people good stuff to read and, although I am by no means an authority figure, expert, or anything on the subject, I really wanted people to read it!

On January 1, 2013, I set the goal to have 100 unique visitors to my blog every day. Yesterday, January 25, 2013, I published my 50th entry (!) and had eighteen unique visitors! I’m almost 1/5 there!

The point!: From no blog, and a reluctance to even write one, to 18 visitors, all over the globe, in just a few months. It’s a tiny story, and it may not sound like much, but it’s much to me! And I have a thousand other stories like it 🙂

It is just one more example of how turning thoughts into things, ideas into reality, one small step at a time, will help you build and design the life you want, as quickly as you want it.

All of you can have anything and everything! Get to work!!

Saturday!! Go get it!!!



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