finish things with lightness.

my acting coach/mentor/friend/one-of-my-favorite-people, Michael Woolson, has taught me many things:

he has taught me to work harder and smarter than I think I can, to push through any amount of fear and come out on the other side; he has shown me the necessity of being brave, and the risk you run by playing it safe; the importance of knowing and trusting yourself, and to always raise the stakes, both in performance and life.

last night in class, he brought back these gems that I will give to you today:

1) finish things. if you start something, and say you are going to do it, finish it!

be known as a finisher. everyone wants to work with finishers.

2) be lighthearted. don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t get down when you get knocked down – take it in stride, and remember, in the scheme of things – it’s really not that big of a deal.

you have the choice. choose to move through life with a sense of humor and levity 🙂

ahh love it! great reminders for this gorgeous day!! Go get ’em!!



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