everything you want.


if you have never done this before, do it:

take out a sheet of paper and spend 30 minutes writing down anything and everything you want in this life – places you want to go, countries you want to live, people you want to meet, projects you want to realize, money you want to make, friends and family you want to help, time you want to spend, revolutions you want to crusade, etc, etc, etc.

be detailed or vague – up to you! paragraphs, a word, deadlines or not – do it however you want to do it, and have so much fun! Actually, it should be the most fun you will have all day.

now look at your list and, no matter how cheesy or silly it makes you feel, say out loud:

If I really want these things, I can get them ALL. With focus, tenacity,and truckloads of hard and smart work, I can have anything and everything that I want.

Hang the list up or put it somewhere safe where you can access it, read it every day this week, say the above phrase when you are done, and mean it. Prepare for tears, frustration, and elation 🙂

Stay tuned for the next steps…


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