you will be perfect

for the perfect job, the perfect person, the perfect city. Don’t try to change yourself to fit in somewhere, or with someone. You are uniquely you, and when you aren’t being you…

everyone can tell. 🙂

we have all met someone that we know isn’t being themselves, and it’s uncomfortable. We aren’t sure how to put a finger on it, or what rubs us wrong, but something definitely isn’t right.


Push yourself forward, challenge yourself, work on the things you want to change, become the person you want to be, but do it authentically! not for the sake of survival, someone else, or for us, because…

we can tell!

And when you do find that perfect person or job, it’s going to click so instantly and effortlessly, you’ll be so glad you held out 🙂

(this is a tough one, but it is so important. I wish I had understood this when I was in middle school high school college early 20s last year last month yesterday…)





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