how you do anything.

is how you do everything.

From the way you get up in the morning, to the way you treat the people in your life and those you don’t know; from the effort you put in at your job you are so-so about, to what you eat for lunch; how you take time for others, how you dress, how you treat the details, your patience, your attitude…

you can’t practice un-greatness in some things, and expect greatness in the things that matter most. It all averages!

Today, try to improve yourself in one way that you have never considered consequential to you getting everything you want. Let’s raise that average today, together!




4 responses to “how you do anything.

  1. I have this up on my open tabs to read and reread. Of course, I didn’t realize you were *you* until Sean’s facebook link today… Awesome! And now knowing who you are, I can go out on a limb and guess who Steph might be… The world is very big and very small all at once. 🙂

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