by the end of the day…

and at any given moment in the day, you should know clearly whether you are winning or losing.

(I lifted this concept from the late, great Jim Rohn πŸ™‚

What winning or losing is to you, only you can judge.

some days I’m winning because I finished all of my to-do list, completed a big project, or had a great idea. But some days I’m winning when I was easy on myself, or if I deepened a relationship that means a lot to me. There is no formula, but I really believe you just know.

I also know when I’m losing. Even if I did everything I set out to do, if I am not in my best space, or thinking negatively about people, the world, whatever – I am losing. I just know!

find your winning/losing barometer (you most likely already know) and listen to it. At the end of the day, and any point in the day, can you say whether you are winning or losing? That’s the first, great step.

The next step is to tip the scales towards always winning…but that’s for another post πŸ™‚


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