#challenge du jour

I was going to write it the proper #hashtag way, but it looked like “challenged ujour” and I didn’t want to confuse anyone. just wanted to clear that up so you didn’t think I don’t know what a true hashtag looks like. Because I DO. #youngcoolcurrent

(also, is that how you spell du jour? i’ll Google it in a sec.)

ANYway. Here’s the challenge:

1) pick one of your goals.

2) write down two small (small) daily habits that, if you did them every day, in one year you would be closer to your goal then you are today.

EXAMPLES: Listen to a foreign language recording 10 min/day; write one paragraph a day; run a half mile each day.

3) plan to do just these two small daily habits every day for the next week – check off your progress in a journal, calendar, day planner, whatever you want. I use the amazing app Habit Master on my iPad and iPhone because I’m #coolyoungcurrent.

4) don’t skip one day! if you have to skip a day, it means your habits were too big – i said small! Ten minutes a day, a paragraph, half a mile, my friends…

5) check in on how you feel in one week. let me know!*

*you will feel accomplished and great. and those habits you thought were small will have been proven to make big changes in just a week – if in nothing else than your mindset that the goal will get accomplished, and its not going to be that hard.


go for it!! and happy Friday!


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