it’s best.

not to take yourself too seriously. 🙂

I know when I take myself too seriously, I end up moody and mopey – and the people that I want to respect and associate with me are naturally repelled by moody and mopey.

So if you are feeling too in your head, victim-y, or moody/mopey, shake yourself out of it – watch a quick, funny TV show, connect with some cool friends, take a few hours off and get yourself back.

Remember, you are very very lucky. If you have eyes to read this blog, a computer to read it on, and a brain to contemplate the simple ideas I’m putting out there – you are damn lucky.

And if you get stuck or can’t find friends or a TV show, contemplate the picture below. (it looks cruel, but I don’t think it is. i love cats, but it’s just…funny to me.)


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