When I get up in the morning, I sometimes can’t believe where I live, what I have, who I am, the dogs on my floor, the people in my life, the ideas in my head, the possibilities for the future, the freedom to pick which one or many of those possibilities I want to tackle today, the fact that I recognize and live by that freedom…the list goes on.

However! I have had times in my life where I have woken up feeling sad, lonely, mad at myself, unattractive, inadequate, hopeless…the list, again, goes on.

Obviously, how I feel these days is much, much more favorable. 🙂

So what changed? Honestly, even when I was waking up sad, I was still, like today, setting and following through with my goals, practicing great habits, surrounding myself with good people, working hard, working out, being creative – so, again, what changed?

This is my blog, so I’ll tell you 🙂 Ready?

One morning I said to myself – I don’t want to wake up feeling this way ever again.

That’s. It.

It sounds like I’m simplifying a story to make a point, but I’m not – promise. It was simple – I was fed up and I wanted things to change. I wasn’t sure how to change it, but I vowed that I would no longer have chronic sad mornings.

What followed is the life-is-badass part: the situations, relationships, locations, music, foods, thoughts, choices that were leading me to sad mornings became crystal clear. I no longer had to force myself to find ways to not wake up sad – since I had no option but to wake up feeling great, what I needed to do to make this happen showed up for me like I had always wanted it to.

Big changes came after that vow. I changed things that I didn’t know were contributing to sad mornings.

If you want to change something, vow to change it TODAY, even if you aren’t sure how. I really believe, with giving yourself no other option, the how will come beating down your door.


(Not sure if I explained this one right. Note to self: revisit.)


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