the life you want is worth it.

worth all of the failure, the struggle, the late nights, the disappointment, the missed happy hours, the occasional loneliness, the heartbreak, the saying goodbye, the missed TV shows, the compromises, the skipped meals, the budgets, the loss.

look at something in your life that you have achieved through hard work and determination and tell me that you regret one of those missed happy hours or moments of loneliness…

not just that, but once you have gotten over the hump – made the work non-negotiable, made the habits deeply ingrained, made the uncomfortable suddenly comfortable – I bet you all the money in my future that the good in your journey – the amazing people you meet, your personal sense of pride and self-worth, the belonging, your increasing bank account, your endless possibilities, the belief in yourself, your new non-happy-hour-based relationships, deeper love, deeper friendships, deeper respect for all humankind – outweighs the aforementioned bad tenfold.

so what are you waiting for? Find that life you want and let’s get to it.




2 responses to “the life you want is worth it.

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  2. As usual your blogs come at a time when I’m wondering why the heck did I not start this or that two years ago? just imagine where I would be now if I had. That does it! time to get back to my goals, re-write some, and create new steps to get to those goals. A lot is going on in my life right now. Things that are making a change in how I see the world some good, some I can through out, why am I not writing these things in my journal, (for fear someone will find it and read it? who cares, maybe it will help that person or not!) point is, writing stuff down helps me. Helps me to feel better or just get it out. Mostly it helps me remember the life changes. When I’m 90 or 100, I’ll re-read my journal (or someone will read it to me)…and I will get a great kick out of how small and trivial something is when I’m 90 but how huge it was in my 40’s and my great-great grand-kids, will be shocked that grandma-great (yes-grandma great was written that way on purpose) was such a wild woman with a mouth like a sailor!

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